3 Assignments. 3-5 pages.

3 Individual assignments . Each one 3-5 pages. Must be in APA format. Avoid using sentence rewriting tools. No plagiarism.

Assignment 1- Research a version of artificial intelligence? Determine the ethical issues related to this technology. Decide if you would implement this technology, and explain your decision, and show the references used. (1.5 pages) Must be APA format.

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Assignment 2- Students will need to pick a Governance, Regulatory, or Compliance (GRC) topic and develop a policy related to that topic. Make sure your policy:

  • Can be enforceable. Don’t create a policy that cannot be enforced.
  • Does not need to be constantly updated. Policies are relatively static (similar to the US Constitution).
  • Does not mix standards, procedures, or guidelines.

Your policy should contain (at a minimum) the following:

  • Overview
  • Policy creation date / policy implementation date / policy review date
  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Actual content of the policy
  • Reference any related standards, policies, or processes
  • Definition and terms

Please see SANS for example policies:


( 3- 5 pages) APA format. No Article spinning software.

Assignment 3- Your boss comes up to you and says, “We need to move to the cloud!”.

What do you do? Assume you work for a small to medium sized business, with a small IT department. What aspects do you need to consider when moving your organization to the cloud?

Risks to consider:

1) Regulations that need to be considered (HIPAA, PCI, etc)

2) Who can access your data?

3)Cyberattacks and detection of unauthorized access

4) Legal Contracts and Liabilities (For your organization / for your Cloud provider)

5) Shared access

6) Exploits invirtualization

7) Authentication / Authorization / Access Control

8) Availability (Cloud andTelecom)

9) Cloud Visibility

10) Employment

This assignment on purpose does not actually call out a specific business or vertical. Use your knowledge to develop a scenario in which you can tell your story. This assignment should be brief….meaning 3 to 5 pages max. OWN language . APA reference.