Leadership Clinical Practice Experience: Shadow Healthcare Leader

This week you will complete your Leadership Clinical Practice Experience assignment by submitting the following deliverables: Clinical Hour Assestation: is attached below —-> Leader followed was assistant director of nursing Executive summary Student reflection on the experience

For your Executive Summary: Should be 2 pages, single spaced – like a standard executive summary format. You should NOT use typically scholarly paper format (except reference page)- you NEED to use an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FORMAT – examples are privided by clicking this link —- https://hbswk.hbs.edu/archive/crafting-a-powerful-executive-summary You DO need to use citations as appropriate. Follow APA format for your separate reference page  Address ALL of the prompts for the paper Describe the organizational structure and communication patterns Discuss evidence-based recommendations for improvement based on the concerns identified during the interview.

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PLEASE FOLLOW all instructions in the Leadership Clinical Practice Experience Guidelines and Rubric attached.