Assignment 1: Team Project Part 2: Define the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

To prepare:

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  • Review this week’s Learning Resources on work breakdown structures.
  • Thoroughly examine the Team Project Overview document in this week’s Learning Resources to familiarize yourself with the requirements of this Assignment.
  • Engage in discussion with your team members on how you will collaborate, distribute work, and submit the Assignment.


To complete Part 2 of your Team Project:

  • Collaborate on a 2- to 3-page paper that summarizes the group’s work and includes a WBS diagram of at least five high-level deliverables and a list of relevant tasks and subtasks. Follow the guidelines provided in the Team Project Overview document found in this week’s Learning Resources.

1.1 – Project Team Formation-Nedra

1.2- Hardware/Software Acquisition-Janet

1.3 -Training-Lakeisha

1.4- Test plan-

1.5- Implementation-

Just do the 1.4 TEST PLAN ONLY

Please attachments for reference. If you need some info or you need to log in to my account. Just tell me. I’ll give you a tip after you finish. Thanks.

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