Brand Analysis

Choose an industry (e.g. athletic footwear) and select three well-known brands (e.g. Nike, Adidas, Brooks).

(1) Provide an overview of the industry. What is the $ size of the market in the USA? Is it considered a high growth or slow growth market (percentage growth in dollar sales, unit sales, etc.)? What are the categories in the industry that are showing most growth (e.g. casual, retro), which are showing a decline (e.g. basketball, running). How many competitors are there? Who are the market leaders, and what is the market share for each of the three brands?

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(2) Identify the key product attributes and benefits that the consumer uses to infer the value of each brand (e.g. price, comfort, durability, etc.).

(3) Identify the key consumer segments in the industry and develop a profile for each segment (minimum of 3 segments, maximum of 5). What key product attributes and benefits does each segment prioritize?

(4) Compare and contrast the three brands:

a. Identify the strengths and weaknesses for each brand.

b. What is each brand’s POD and POP?

c. What consumer segment(s) does each brand target?

d. Articulate the positioning statement for each brand.

(5) Develop a perceptual map based on two key attributes/benefits and determine where the three brands and the key consumer segments are placed on this map (based on your opinion).

(6) Which of the three brands do you think has the best strategy? Why?