COM530 Southern New Hampshire Media Ethics & Digital Advertisement Case Study


For this milestone, you will write a paper of 2 to 4 pages describing the topic that you plan to use for the case study in your final project. You are required to pick a real and controversial dilemma in digital communication today. It can be an incident or a general issue that currently pervades the communication industry and should illustrate the importance of at least one of the “best practices” or “practical guidelines” for ethical and legal communication in the field that you wrote about in Milestone One.

You can use Media Ethics: Issues and Cases (Patterson, Wilkins, & Painter) to choose cases or ideas, but you cannot use any of the following cases that we will cover elsewhere in the course:

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5A – Drones and the News

6D – WikiLeaks

8A – Killing a Journalist On-Air: A Means-End Test

2A – What’s Yours Is Mine

Your paper should include the following elements:

  • A title and summary of your incident/issue and why you chose it
  • A description of the legal and ethical issues you believe are present in this case
  • A justification of why this topic is important and worth studying
  • List at least three potential sources that are relevant to your chosen topic. Include a brief description of how you will incorporate the information found in each into your final project, due in Week 9. Don’t just list the textbooks! Seek other sources. Be specific about exactly how you’ll use these resources in the final project.