Communication is a vital part of all of our lives

Communication is a vital part of all of our lives. The concepts and skills you learn in this class can and should extend well beyond our small classroom!

Please follow the directions below:

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Step 01. Ponder the role of communication in your life. The sub-questions listed below each writing prompt are intended to get you thinking and to guide your writing. Feel free to add additional questions if you have more thoughts you’d like to explore.

Step 02. Choose one of the first three prompts and write a 1-2 page paper that is double spaced and A.P.A formatted. Please include concepts/material from the text to support your answers to the following questions.

Step 03. Address the fourth prompt in your writing once you have chosen from the other three. This portion of your writing is included in the 1-2 page paper requirement.

Step 04. Complete your paper and save it with the following naming convention: FirstNameLastName_CommunicationLives.

Step 05. Submit your paper using the assignment link below.

Writing Prompts

  • Think of a time in the past when communication played an important role.
    • What communication skills did you utilize?
    • Was there any miscommunication? If so, where did communication breakdown?
    • How could communication have led to a different outcome?
    • Did technology play a role in the situation?
  • Communication will play a vital role in your (current or future) job or career. If you don’t have a job, think about the career you hope to go into.
    • What role does communication play?
    • Is it unique to other fields?
    • Are there ways that communication might be used to further your success in this job/industry?
    • What are some of the “hidden” uses of communication in this field?
  • Communication helps to sustain our relationships.
    • How has communication aided in the development or disappearance of a relationship?
    • In what ways do you see communication affecting (positively, negatively, or neutrally) your relationships?
    • How do you maintain communication in relationships?
    • Is there danger of too much communication?
    • What does your communication style (channel, frequency, shared language, et cetera) reveal about that relationship?
  • List one aspect of communication that you count as a strength and one area you would like to work on.