Communication research method question. NO PLAGIARISM!


For this assignment, you will write a double-spaced 10 page (not counting title page and references), thesis-driven methodology section that will include a minimum of 20 peer-reviewed sources, and that meets the highest scholarly standards. Begin with a 3 to 4 page introduction to your topic (literature review) and then move into the methodology.

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Peer-reviewed here means either:

(a) a scholarly publication in a peer-reviewed journal

(b) a book

(c) a book chapter

A good scholarly methodology:

(a) Identifies appropriate research questions. (20%)

(b) Discusses why those research questions are best answered in the humanistic (i.e. qualitative) or positivist tradition (i.e. quantitative). (20%)

(c) Demonstrates familiarity with the scholarly literature pertinent to the method or methods the researcher is using. (20%)

(d) Discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the method or methods the researcher is using. (20%)

(e) Provides a thorough explanation of the specifics of how the researcher will conduct the study. (20%)

In the end, your paper should be of sufficient quality so that you may use it as a jumping-off point for further research related to a thesis or special project.

Be sure to use the APA writing style for this paper and submit only original work.