Complete Short Business Discussion NO PLAGIARISM


Unit 4 Discussion: Trend Analysis

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Every company or industry – no matter if it’s the rag business, the ice
cream business, the shoe business, or the IT business – has trends. We’re
constantly and hearing these words: “Studies show ….” or “Experts

One of the most difficult tasks in the business world is forecasting and
predicting trends. For example, let’s take the garment industry or the “rag
business,” as it is commonly called. The garment industry operates about
one year out. This means that any “fashion” items that you see on the racks
in a store originated at least one year ago. Designs have to be created,
colors have to be test dyed, patterns are cut and sewn, and bolts of
fabric, buttons and zippers are ordered. The company must determine what
quantities to manufacture. Factory time is booked. Then the garments are
made and shipped to the distribution center. By the time all these
processes take place, you have about a year of time invested. The trick is
to “forecast” or to predict trends. What styles and colors will be “hot?”
What will customers want to buy and how much will they buy? It is also
important to determine what might be a fad and what might be a trend. Fads
are fleeting – here today and gone tomorrow. Trends have sustained
movement. For example, the color orange might be a fad – good for one
season only. But, high tech performance fabrics are a trend. Do you see how
this might be a difficult process?

Select a topic that interests you. This topic might be the latest in
wireless technology, sports, cooking, gardening, childcare, entertainment,

*Prepare a brief, 3 paragraph summary about this trend.
*Identify the customer service/support needs for this
*What issues will need to be addressed for customer support/service?
*How would you structure support? For example, would you offer web based
support? Explain your response.
*Assume you are the hiring manager. What specific skills would an applicant
need for this type of service/support position? What would you look for in
an applicant?
*How would you train and monitor support personnel?
*What is your forecast for this particular trend/business/industry 10 years
from now?

When you reply to your peers, analyze their trend and their needs for
customer support/service.

Cite any external resources that you might use with APA citation