course assessment

  • List and describe, in chronological order, the three major eras of policing in the United States, and compare and contrast (1) the characteristics of the relationship that existed between police and the community, and (2) the major approaches to police work and crime control techniques used during each era. (This question assesses Outcome #1.)
  • Assume that you have been appointed as the first chief of police for a newly incorporated town located in the suburban Maryland, and that the town is about to structure and to hire the initial members of its first police force. Assume that that town encompasses a mix of business and residential areas: small factories, retail establishments, single family homes, town homes, and apartments, as well as a variety of public and private schools, places of worship, parks, bars and restaurants and recreational facilities. Further assume that the residents of the town are very diverse in terms of racial and ethnic background, language, religion, age, education level, family configuration, physical and mental health status and income level. You have been asked to write a proposal for the city council, in which you will be able to request resources and to advocate for what you envision as the ideal police force for this community. Assume that the ideal force you have in mind will comport with the philosophical, strategic, tactical, and organizational dimensions of community policing. Specifically assume that the force will work through community-police partnerships and that it will use proactive problem solving techniques in its efforts to reduce crime. In light of those assumptions, write the specifically requested components of your proposal below. Begin by explaining the concept of community policing and the advantages it offers for the town. Go on to address (1) the personal characteristics and temperament (listing at least 6 desirable attributes) the newly hired officers should exhibit, in order to be most effective in a community policing setting and (2) the organizational structure you believe the new force should have in terms of structure, managerial style and function, in order to be most effective in a community policing setting. (This question assesses Outcome #2 and #3.)
  • Assume you are the community and public relations officer for a municipal police force charged with calming traffic along a busy commuter corridor where several serious accidents have recently occurred. Your department is about to begin a major new enforcement campaign: one that will involve the use of moveable traffic cameras as well as the creation of specific zero tolerance zones, where both speeding drivers and jaywalking pedestrians will be targeted and ticketed. You are responsible for disseminating information about the new traffic calming effort, before it actually begins. Describe some of the steps you might take, with specific reference to how you could best use the media, to create community partnerships and build political support for your efforts, decrease resistance, and increase voluntary compliance with the traffic laws in the targeted area. (This question assesses Outcome #4.)

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