Find a recent article (within the last year) that discusses company culture.

*respond to question or/and comment in a paragraph or more

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*copy and paste article url so that it can been seen underneath completed work

*respond to other peers response

Find a recent article (within the last year) that discusses company culture. Summarize the article, and explain the main point you believe the article was trying to convey.

*respond to peer response

Sarah Riseden

RE: Week 2 Discussion


The article I chose was about the “Uber” culture. New hires were provided with 14 core company values. One of them being “obsessed with the customer” with only the best and brightest moving to the top. This is a great value in theory, but it started pitting employees against each other and a blind eye was turned on top performers behaviors.

This behavior turned into sexual harassment and discrimination in which several law suits were initiated. The employees affected by this bad behavior went to the Human Resource department and received no help. Unfortunately it took lawsuits to bring the Human Resource department to attention and now they are in the process of fixing the culture of the company.…

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