Follow up Dissertation Written Analysis

Christina, a follow up to the Written Analysis you helped me with where we looked at TWO dissertations and conducted a dissertation analysis (one qualitative and the other quantitative).

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Needs to follow the outline as describe below

15-20 pages.

List the APA citation as well as the permalink to each dissertation you will be using.

Provide proper APA references, and attach the dissertation documents.


1. Dissertation Summaries

a. Research Questions

b. Key Findings

c. Merits & Limitations

d. Similarities and Differences

2. Literature Review

a. Theoretical Frameworks

b. Structure

c. Similarities and Differences

d. Key ideas or concepts you may utilize in your own research

3. Methodology

a. Theoretical Frameworks

b. Sampling Method

c. Similarities and Differences

4. Conclusion

a. Explain how the analysis of the similarities and differences of the following sections in both dissertations influenced (or may influence) your own dissertation goals:

i. Findings

ii. Literature Review

iii. Methodology

b, Explain how reading and analyzing these two dissertations for this assignment influenced your thinking about the time, focus, energy, and commitment necessary to usefully complete your own dissertation.

c. Based on your insights described in the above, outline specific steps you intend to take throughout the program to ensure success

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