Inference test

( I will tell you what to write) Wasn’t that Inference Test fun? At least was it interesting? I don’t want you to be discouraged with your results. Instead I want you to use this skills assignment to examine what happened and learn from the experience.

We all naturally make inferences about our environment that lead to our realities. As this test demonstrates, they can lead our perception process to poor conclusions.

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Here are your four questions you need to answer completely to pass this task:

1. What was your score? (Stated your score)

2. What is your reaction to the score you earned? Surprised? Pleased? Explain. (Full paragraph with 3 or more sentences describing your reaction to your score).

3. What did you learn about making inferences from the Inference Test? (Full paragraph with 3 or more sentences describing what you learned from the Inference Test).

4. What advice would you give others about making inferences? (Full paragraph with 3 or more sentences describing the advice you would give).