IT Industry Employee Recruitment and Selection Paper

Pick an industry and consider how you would go about finding and selecting from candidates to work in a typical organization in that field. Your paper should, at a minimum, address these questions:

  • How might your organization try to brand itself as a good place for people to work?
  • For mid-level and senior positions, would you likely focus on internal recruitment (promotions), external recruitment, or a combination? Why?
  • What sort of initial screening processes would be helpful in narrowing down your applicant pool to actual qualified candidates?
  • Once you have a pool of viable candidates, what selection tests can help you determine if they have the required knowledge, skills, and abilities?
  • What are some interview questions that you might ask candidates?


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Summarize your findings in a 1-2 page paper, and be prepared to discuss your results in class.

Use in-text citations to show where you are applying or discussing content from any outside sources, including websites. End your paper with a References list that gives the full details about the sources. In-text citations and References should be formatted according to APA standards