Kindly read the instrustions carefully

Question 1

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  • Kindly write out a word document equivalent to a 3-4 minute video that i can just read out verbatim in my video about my professional strenght and weakness. My outstanding weekness will be that im a bit reserved and i dont like publice speaking .
  • Requirements:

This process should capture information about your internal strengths and weaknesses. As you develop your individual SWOT analysis treat your career as a business and yourself as a competitive product.

Create your video in MP4 format using the recording application of your choice.

Once you are satisfied with your individual SWOT analysis video, upload your video (MP4 format) to the Individual SWOT Analysis Discussion in the Week 1 Tab.

The following are sample questions to help you to think about your SWOT analysis.

Strengths Weaknesses

Question 2

Please select a brand that you are familiar with and describe the value that you derive from this brand.

What needs does it fulfill?

How is it differentiated from competing brands?

Is it worth what you pay to obtain it in terms of money and time?

Question 3

What do you think your products and services worth to your buyers? Why do your customers purchase your products? Value or Brand.

Question 4

Every product and service marketed revolve around the behavior of consumers that how they will respond to purchasing that product and service.

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