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Research Paper Requirements and Grading

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Leadership and its impact on Organizational performance

because the Leadership skills are not tangible. While many leaders are born with a specific leadership ability, anybody can learn to improve their leadership skills. i would like to knowThrough self-awareness and training, how can people boost the impact you have on your team, which often has a tangible effect on performance.


topic: Leadership and its impact on Organizational performance


thesis statement

historical background

literature review

analysis sections

The research paper should follow APA writing style for research papers. The paper will include a cover page, citations and reference list. It will be approximately 10-15 pages, excluding cover page. The paper is worth 300 points. Directly quoted material should not comprise more than 15% of the content.

Required Research Sources:

– 3 peer-reviewed (e.g. academic journals and publications)

– 3 General sources (e.g. publication such as business week, books, newspapers, etc.)

– Textbook , book link: https://lindenwood0-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/person…

Research Paper Topic: This is the topic of your paper. Topics for the research could include a specific style of leadership such as transformational or charismatic, conditions of leadership such as Research Paper outline: The outline should be 1-3 pages long. It should include an introduction, thesis statement, and sectioned outline on how you intend to approach the paper. Make sure there is a clear statement of the intended direction of your paper.

Historical background on the area of interest Based on your selected area of interest conduct research on your subject. Your research should cover relevant theories and practical application. In the paper summarize the research covered to include key points and observations. Your complete paper including your analysis and key conclusions Provide a summary section where you provide your analysis and conclusion. This is where you prove or disprove your thesis statement. You may also relate the material to personal experience, what you have learned in this course, and how what you have learned might be used in your personal life to increase your effectiveness in both personal and professional settings. This section of the paper must also be supported by your research in your historical background.

PEER-REVIEWED REFERENCES A peer-reviewed reference is an academic journal/publication. You can find these by searching in the Lindenwood online library and selecting peer-review only. Examples of sources which are not considered peer-reviewed include: newspapers, periodicals (e.g. Business Week, Time Magazine, etc.), books, websites, Wikipedia, etc.ethical/moral leadership, or focus on a specific industry such as leadership in healthcare.

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