Literature Review Matrix

Using the five articles listed below complete the the attached Lit Matrix. 

Please see attachment for document.

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Wills, T.   A., Knight, R., Williams, R. J., Pagano, I., & Sargent, J. D. (2015).   Risk factors for exclusive e-cigarette use and dual e-cigarette use and   tobacco use in adolescents. Pediatrics, 135(1), e43-e51.

Rooke, C.,   Cunningham-Burley, S., & Amos, A. (2016). Smokers’ and ex-smokers’   understanding of electronic cigarettes: a qualitative study. Tobacco   control, 25(e1), e60-e66.

Hiscock,   R., Bauld, L., Amos, A., & Platt, S. (2012). Smoking and socioeconomic   status in England: the rise of the never smoker and the disadvantaged   smoker. Journal of Public Health, 34(3) 390-396.

Khuder, S., Price, J.,   Jordan, T., Khuder, S., & Silvestri, K. (2008). Cigarette smoking among   adolescents in Northwest Ohio: correlates of prevalence and age at   onset. International journal of environmental research and public   health, 5(4), 278-289.

Hossain, A., Hossain,   Q. Z., & Rahman, F. (2015). Factors influencing teenager to initiate   smoking in South-west Bangladesh. Universal Journal of Public Health, 3(6),   241-250.

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