Marketing BMW Paraphrase

The BMW X5 is a luxurious vehicle in the automotive industry. This vehicle has attractive features in the market as opposed to other sport utility vehicles. The BMWX5 is one of the recently sport utility manufactured vehicles by the BMW. The main target of this vehicle is the high class who do not only need a vehicle for convenience but for luxury. This product uses advanced technology in most of its parts. It has well-fitted sensors that sense whatever happens around it. The BMW X5 has the ability to regulate and standardize climate in the vehicle automatically or through the command from the user. In addition, the vehicle has a big cargo space of about 35.8 cubic feet which is expandable up to 76.7 cubic feet. The product has a high-performance engine making it very powerful. The motor vehicle is more reliable and efficient on road (Saunders 3). The BMW X5 has an attractive and streamlined design that allows it to move fast and be stable on the road.


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The BMW Company manufactures and distributes BMW’s across the world. Its main manufacturing plant is in Munich. The product has customers across the world. It faces huge competition from other organization but its customers can purchase the products and enjoy the product from any place. The BMW has a strategy that covers the whole world. Therefore, this makes the BMW X5 available to all customers across the globe. In addition, the BMW has set up manufacturing facilities in more than ten countries to serve various regions. The organization is focusing on emerging markets making the product more accessible to their customers and potential customers. BMW has an agreement with dealers to sell their products in various markets making it more accessible. Finally, the company has set-up an online platform where customers can order their product and have it shipped to them.


The company has a strong reputation across the world for manufacturing quality and luxurious products. However, the company focuses on selling every product uniquely. The company invested heavily in marketing and advertising the BMW X5 in their market as well as their emerging markets. The product slogan is Uncompromisingly Different Experience of a New Chapter in BMW. This attracts more customers to experience the different and new chapter of luxury from the product (Richter 56). The target groups of the BMW X5 are the high-class individuals in the market. The product is expensive comparing it with other competing products such as Toyota. The product sponsors the Formula E competition to promote the product. The BMW X5 has a partnership with Formula E. It also sponsors some competitions such as Tennis and athletics. Through the various promotional method, the product attracted more customers hence increasing its sales.


The price of the BMW X5 is relatively higher when compared with other vehicles in the market. The luxury provided by the BMW is unique. Comparing it with products from Toyota and Nissan among other competitors, the product offers the best services and comfort. Similar, its price is relatively higher.Comparing BMW X5 and other products from the BMW, BMW is more expensive and also less expensive depending on the brand of the vehicle. For example, when comparing BMW i8 and BMW X5, the i8 is more expensive. When comparing BMW X5 against X2, the BMW X5 is more expensive than the BMW X2. Therefore the product is among the most expensive products in the market. BMW adopts some pricing strategies to penetrate some market. They avail the product at as relatively lower price.