Marketing Options for a Band

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Marketing Ideas for a Band

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Once you have either formed your group or decided to work on your own, your next step is to choose one of the following options:

  1. Brainstorm marketing ideas for a band (real or hypothetical) of your choice. If you choose this route, please outline some of the main characteristics of this band.
  2. Brainstorm marketing ideas for the following hypothetical band:

    This hypothetical new Americana band is working on an initial EP, has some local following and local shows but no extensive touring, and expectations of an EP rollout within 6-9 months. This hypothetical band believes their “live” sound and experience is where they shine, and are less comfortable with “marketing” their lives/image, which is a challenge. This band wants to capture their growing following, build out the shared “live experience,” and set the stage for a larger tour that can help the band generate additional merchandise revenue at this early stage in their careers.

Assuming a budget of $25,000 or less, write a plan that answers the following questions with regard to the four main marketing areas we have discussed in this lesson: Awareness, Acquisition, Engagement, and Monetization.

  1. Where would you start your efforts?
  2. What forward thinking free and paid options would you consider?
  3. Are there other bands that are doing interesting things that you can adopt or adjust for your own campaign?