Northern Oklahoma Accounting Marketing and Budget Paper

Discussion : Conversation about how Marketing News relates to your future career field (accounting marketing budget).

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In these discussion assignments, you will be researching and sharing knowledge about how marketing works in your future career industry (accounting marketing budget field). Ideally, you will begin to feel like a marketing expert in your future career field.

Reading about current marketing trends in a variety of industries will help provide you a very current and well rounded view of the current marketing landscape. It will also help you see that the textbook marketing concepts are alive and constantly changing in the world.

Reading about marketing in your career field (accounting marketing budget) will help you understand how marketing relates specifically to your future career.

To earn full credit, complete the following:

Select 3 articles from any publication listed below

  1. Fast Company (Links to an external site.)
  2. Harvard Business Review (Links to an external site.)

Then describe how they relate to materials you read about in Chapters 1, 2, or 3 and explain why you find the topics interesting.

2) Describe your career field or industry you would like to research further (accounting marketing budget).

3) Find an additional 2 articles online that directly relate to marketing in your future career field. Good sources of information for your specific career field could include searching Google News, Industry Association Websites, or Research Articles. (accounting marketing budget).

4) Share the hyperlinks for the 2 news articles that talk about marketing trends in your career field or industry. (accounting marketing budget).

5) Describe the most useful information in your 2 news articles. (Your articles must be less than 3 years old.)

6) Explain how your new knowledge will be beneficial to you.

7) Share your resources in a Work Cited format using APA style (Links to an external site.).

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