Northern Oklahoma College Tax Research Paper Assignment

Research Paper Assignment

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Assignment.It is uncommon for anyone employed in the field of taxation, whether they be accountants, attorneys or IRS employees, to know, every section in the Internal Revenue Code, their unique requirements, the rules in the Treasury Regulations accompanying each section, and recent rulings, procedures and court cases by heart.Therefore, in the field of taxation, whether it be individual or corporate, substantial research is performed (in essence, meaning that everything will be open book) on questions which are posed to you by your clients.Once the research is performed, the answer must be communicated to either your supervisor or your client in clear and concise terms.As with most things, the communication of tax and/or any information is a skill of which practice makes perfect.As such, as part of your grade for this course, each of you will be required to do the following:

  • Choose a topic related to individual income tax, , you should do appropriate research using our text, the CCH Tax Research network, and all other reputable resources that are available for your disposal (does not include Wikipedia, etc.).the topic is (Tuition deduction)

2. write a two (2) page memorandum on your chosen topic (Tuition deduction)

Objectives.The objectives of this assignment are (1) to research tax-related topics online and/or in print, and (2) to enhance the written and communication skills of the student.

Required.Include at least, the following: (1) a statement of the issue, i.e. “What amount can I deduct for college tuition and related expenses on the 2017 individual return?;” (2) Answer the question with references to specific IRC sections, Treasury Regulations, or Revenue Rulings/Procedures, and court cases, and (3) attach copies of all references to your memorandum.