OCU Effective Problem Solving Techniques for Ethical Issues

Problem Solving

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Introduction and Purpose of Assignment

This discussion provides you with an opportunity to clarify how you might best approach someone who holds a differing ethical view. It is hoped that you will be able to apply some helpful techniques like this in the future.


  • Describe effective problem solving techniques for ethical issues. (4.2)

Theory and Context

There are six steps to ethical problem solving: determine, identify, rank, develop, implement, and reflect. Our use of proper problem solving skills in regards to an ethical approach can alleviate many forms of deviance that may arise otherwise.


aariUoA. (2014, September 8). Video #4: Ethical problem solving [Video file]. Retrieved from


  1. In this discussion:
    1. Describe how ethical issues can be discussed productively by individuals who hold opposing viewpoints.
    2. What is the best approach to create productive dialog? i.
    3. Provide an illustration of a time when you were involved in a productive conversation about an ethical matter.
    4. 1. What elements about that discussion contributed to a sense that there was a constructive outcome?
      ii. Or, if you prefer, describe an exchange regarding an ethical issue that produced less than positive, even destructive, results; and then identify ingredients in that exchange that contributed to the negative outcome.
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