Pepperdine University Organizational Culture Presentation

There is a leadership class group presentation topic is organizational culture.

My part is Influencing an Organizational culture, you could find in Chapter 16, page 563-568. The textbook link is below, you might need to download because the file is too large to preview:

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You could find something important to talk about the influencing organization culture.

Please help me prepare no more than half page of the paper, APA format.

2-3 slides of the ppt and presentation notes based on ppt.

My part of the presentation need to be around 4 minutes.

The professor also need 1 outside of the resource based on the topic. So please find a resource to add in my part.

I find one resource maybe you might can use, I don’t know whether is good or not. the link is below:

The whole presentation requirement is below:

In your learning teams, you will research and conduct a 25-minute class interactive learning experience or facilitated discussion on one of the topics below – particularly as they relate to personal development and/or leadership. [This is not to be a 25-minute lecture] You will also prepare a two-page summary of the content of your presentation, including a reference page of cited sources used, and then post the summary under “assignments” in SAKAI. Refer to course articles and textbooks to inform yourselves and to create the framework for the topic and how you present it. You must incorporate at least three (3) additional academic sources outside of course materials to be included in the reference page. You may use Power Point, Prezi, handouts and other learning resources.

Just ask me if you have any questions.

Thanks so much!