Plan for Conducting an Organizational Behavior Audit


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You are employed as an Organizational Behaviour Analyst for a consulting firm that specializes in

conducting organizational behaviour audits for organizations. The new CEO of a local company wants to

conduct an Organizational Behaviour Audit and has contacted your firm for help. The first deliverable

for the project is a Plan for Conducting an Organizational Behaviour Audit that must be presented to the

CEO for approval before the actual audit may begin. You have been given the task of producing this plan

for your organization.

Write a 3000 word essay (+/- 10%) that provides a comprehensive “Plan for Conducting an

Organizational Behaviour Audit.” Your plan must provide the rationale or reason why it is important to

understand the organizational behaviour of a company, the areas within the organization that should be

assessed in an Organizational Behaviour Audit and the factors that should be evaluated within each


In answering the question, you may want to consider the following questions:

1. Why should an organization conduct an Organizational Behaviour Audit?

2. What areas within an organization should be evaluated as part of an Organizational Behaviour Audit?

3. What factors within each area should be evaluated in an Organizational Behaviour Audit?

Why are these factors important? How do these factors influence or affect the organizational behaviour

of a firm?

Remember, this assignment is asking you to provide a plan for conducting an Organizational Behaviour

Audit. You are not conducting the audit itself. Your response should be tied to theoretical concepts

found within the Organizational Behaviour literature and field of study.

Please note that this is an individual assignment and will require the use of resources beyond those

found in the module materials. All resources used in the development of this assignment should be

referenced using the Harvard Referencing System. All papers will be submitted to Turnitin. Copying and

pasting material directly from other sources, without proper paraphrasing and referencing is

considered academic malpractice and is not allowed. Proper paraphrasing, writing and referencing skills

should be utilized.

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