Political Influence on Peoples Behavior Questions


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  1. Identify the 3 most interesting points (to you) that Grossman made. Also explain whythey were interesting to you.
  2. Identify one tip from the McGinnis booklet or APA article you could use in your current or future family.
  3. How might restorative (transformative) justice, as shown in the South Africa Truth & Reconciliation Hearings video, work in the United States judicial system? Provide 2 examples of how you envision that it might work.

Video – South Africa Truth & Reconciliation video (directions below)

If this file does not load for you, paste this URL into your browser. You may be asked for regular username/password – http://fod.infobase.com/p_ViewPlaylist.aspx?AssignmentID=WAQ7FX

IF THAT FAILS, then follow the directions below.

Go to Films on Demand from the Library website, and search for Facing the Truth with Bill Moyers. If you have time to watch the whole 2 hour video, you will be fascinated. Recognizing that this may not be possible for you, we are only requiring you watch the following segments:





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