Short essay questions for insurance marketing questions

For #1, an answer with few sentences is perfect

For #2~4, I need a paragraph length answer per question.

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1. Advantage and Disadvantage of television as an appropriate media in advertising an insurance policy facing the challenge of social medias.

2. With what’s going on in digital transformation in our industry currently what kind of changes you would expect in the insurance market within next five years? As a chief marketing officer how should you change your strategies to cope with the challenge.

3. What is the public image of the insurance agency? How you would suggest the agency to build up their public image?

4. In your opinion what would the feature of the next generation of insurance agent? Is it related to the age of agents? Please comment the question with from agent, carrier, and consumer point of view. Your answer can be based on the article from Insurance Journal.

(For #4, please read…… and… )