Short Paper: What Really Matters to You Before You Say Yes?- Fix with Instructor Feedback

Thank you for your submission this week. I have some important notes regarding the survey questions and how they should be answered. Please take a look at my feedback and you may want to review both the announcement I put up on the announcement section as well as the video about 7 survey questions to understand better how to avoid open ended questions and why.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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Stages of Consumer Buying Process: You did a nice job explaining the stages of the consumer decision making process. What was missing from this area was the question “Which stage of the consumer buying process do you believe leads most directly to a consumer’s purchase decision? Explain your reasoning.” You have not chosen a step or explained why it is the most important step. This cost you exemplary this week.

Survey Questions: You have some of the right questions in your survey; however, according to the video this week, you chose allot of open ended questions. How will you tally up answers to questions such as :

3. Which features of our product are the most effective in meeting your needs?

4. Which features should we bring onboard to satisfactorily meet your needs?

5. Is there any change you would make on our product? If so, which one?

6. Are there problems that our product helps you solve? If yes, which ones?

These open ended questions are going to do two things; one is prevent respondents from actually answering the survey…the answers may be too long for them to want to respond. More importantly, if you get 1000 different answers, how will you tally up the results?

Think about using multiple choice answers. If you had supplied questions which could be answered with A. B. C. or D. answers (and given the choices of answers) you could have summarized this survey better.

You also stated that “Interviews and telephone interviews will also be used.” How will you obtain the phone numbers? Where will you do the interview? This needed further explanation.

Articulation of Response: There were no errors in your formatting or writing. Nice work with APA!