Southern New Hampshire University Transgenders in Military Discussion

you should submit your speaker notes in a separate Word document. Both files (PowerPoint and Word

There needs tp be plenty of speaker notes and visuals with an without audio

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I. Issue/Event:

For this section of your presentation, you will introduce the issue or event and how it relates to issues of diversity and any of the topics that have been discussed in the course

. A. Using appropriate research strategies, describe a social or global issue or event that is related to issues of diversity.

i. What is the origin of the issue?

ii. What is the issue about?

B. Using appropriate research strategies, describe the impact of the issue or event on society.

i. Who is impacted by the issue?

ii. What is important to know about those who are impacted by the issue?

C. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives, assess how society impacts the chosen issue.

II. Yourself: This section of your presentation explores how studying diversity influences your individual framework of perception with respect to your discipline of study or profession.

A. How has critically analyzing your issue or event in diversity informed your individual framework of perception? Consider how your analysis has altered the way you perceive the world.

B. How can critically analyzing diversity influence your field of study or profession? How can studying diversity inform your understanding of the next big topic of study in your field or profession in the next five to ten years?

III. Society: This section of your presentation explores how studying diversity enhances your ability to engage constructively in society.

A. How does critically analyzing diversity add value to how you interact with people and understand social or global issues or events? Supplement your reasoning with examples.

B. Recommend strategies for using this kind of critical analysis for meeting your personal and professional goals. What might this look like in your everyday life? Consider how diversity can be used to address the day-to-day responsibilities or questions faced by practitioners in your field or discipline.

IV. Conclusion:

A. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives, assess the benefits and challenges of addressing issues in diversity. [

B. Explain how critically analyzing diversity adds value to interactions with people in personal and professional contexts.

V. Presentation: Throughout your presentation, you will be assessed on your ability to use effective communication skills to deliver your message to your audience.

A. Construct your presentation in a way that ensures the audio and visual elements are logically organized in order to convey your message to your audience.

B. Provide supporting evidence in your presentation that supports the importance of the chosen issue or event and its impact within diversity.