SWOT Analysis of Netflix Presentation

SWOT Analysis Assignment

Using the provided format, fill in a SWOT analysis for your company. You will be using skills we talked about in class today (Marketing Strategies and Marketing Plan) as well as information from next week’s chapter on Marketing Environment.

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Strengths and Weaknesses are internal to the company. They involve firm resources. Firm Resources include “all assets, capabilities, organizational processes, firm attributes, information, knowledge, etc. controlled by a firm that enable the firm to conceive of and implement strategies that improve its efficiency and effectiveness” (Daft 1983 as quoted by Barney 1991, p. 101). They will also include the “controllable factors” from the Marketing Mix (4Ps) shown in Figure 1 (Biggadike 1981).

Opportunities and Threats are external to the company and involve the “uncontrollable factors” from Figure 1. These include things like elements from the political, legal, cultural, technological, social, competitive, and economic environment.

Using this information, the information in your textbook, press releases from your company, recent news articles about your company, and other approved resources, fill in the provided format with bullet points that identify the SWOT for your company. In a separate Word document, explain why you have included those particular bullet points. Include in-text citations and references.

Unapproved sources include:

  • Panmore Institute (panmore.com)
  • Business Strategy Hub (bstrategyhug.com)
  • Marketing91 (marketing91.com)
  • Inevitable Steps (inevitablesteps.com)
  • Or other similar sites that have already done the SWOT analysis for you. If you cannot find the information using the company website or sites that I have approved, do not use it. Use DIRECT/primary sources.

Approved Sources:

  • Corporate Web Pages
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (sec.gov)
  • Statista (statista.com)
  • Academic Articles from top marketing journals (Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research)
  • Business News Outlets (Business Insider, CNBC, Reuters, NBC, CNN, BBC, US News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, NPR, and others with approval).
  • Google Finance


Barney, Jay (1991), “Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage,” Journal of Management, 17, 99-120.

Biggadike, E. Ralph (1981), “The Contributions of Marketing to Strategic Management,” The Academy of Management Review, 6(4), 621-632.

Daft, R. (1983), Organizational Theory and Design. New York: West.