This assignment is in the form of a Lean Process Map.

You are to research and develop an “As-Is” Value Stream Map for the cradle-to-grave process for obtaining LEED Certification of a building. The map is to include/address the following:

  •  Beginning point: Owner decision to develop a facility and become LEED Certified
  •  Address selection/inclusion of the Design Team and their role
  •  Address selection/inclusion of the Contractors and their role
  •  Assume the facility will achieve Platinum Level
  •  Identify major participants in individual swim lanes
  •  A timeline is not required, as project specifics are not known Upon completion of the Value Stream Map, identify activities in narrative/list form as Value-Added Activities, Non Value-Added Activities but Needed Activities, or Non Value-Added Activities. Include a brief analysis defining the reasons for classification as Non Value-Adding Activities. Any available resources may be used in the completion of this assignment. The following supplemental information to be used in fulfilling this assignment: Naiknimbalkar, Alexis and Pennington. Robyn. (September 2012). “Lean Process Improvement: Value Stream Mapping (VSM).” Western Association of College and University Business Officers. The assignment is to be submitted in hardcopy form only. Note: The Value Map may be submitted in 11 x 17 format.

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