Transition Plan + reflection

3. Risks During Implementation

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This section outlines the potential risks during the implementation phase of the project and the strategies that will be put in place to manage those risks.

Potential Risks

Strategies to Manage Risks and/or Contingency Plans

4. Transition Schedule

The following table should include the key tasks and milestones for the transition, such as testing and verification activities, training activities, system and/or data back-ups, hand-off(s), communications to client and end users, transition reviews, etc.


Who is responsible


5. Further Recommendations (including financial implications)


Feedback on team dynamics:

1. How effectively did your group work?

2. Were the behaviors of any of your team members particularly valuable or detrimental to the team? Explain.

3. What did you learn about working in a group from this project that you will carry into your next group experience?

Adapted from a peer evaluation form developed at Johns Hopkins University (October, 2006)