University of California – Davis Business Homework Mattel and Hasbro

  1. Attached is an Excel spreadsheet with data for Mattel and Hasbro from 2012 thru 2016. The 2017 column is blank. You need to fill in the financial data for both companies for 2017 including the calculation of the ratios. Then write at least three substantial paragraphs: in the first paragraph discuss Mattel’s performance since 2012. You are comparing Mattel’s performance over time (you are not comparing to Hasbro yet). For example, have sales at Mattel increased or decreased since 2012? by how much? (in dollars and in percentage). Why do you think Mattel has had these results (this will require looking beyond the financials at articles etc.) In the second paragraph discuss Mattel’s performance as compared to Hasbro’s since 2012. (Again explain why one company may have outperformed the other.) In the last paragraph state which of the two companies you think is a better investment for the future and why. Incorporate the ratios into your writeup (for example you might say that net income has increased, and then cite Return on Sales or Return on Equity ratios) . You need to upload both the completed Excel spreadsheet and the three paragraph word doc. Copy of Financial RatiosMattelHasbrothru2016.xlsx
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