Webster University Human Resource Management Questions

For the Discussion Postings, I look to see if you made at least one post to each question (that is posted by me, the instructor) by the due date and time. These are always due Thursday night by midnight. In your response I look to see if you describe the theory or practice in question. Not just bullet point but also describe it so I know what it is your are referencing. If you do that you will have met my expectations and will receive a score in the mid 80s range, that is in the 8.3 to 8.7 range out of 10 points possible. If you have done that and related that to your own experience; i.e., how your company does it; you will score in the upper 80s to possibly the low 90s. That is in the 8.8-9.2 range. If you do that and recommend and suggest how your company could do it better you will score in the mid 90s to upper 90s, which is 9.3 to 10.00

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