What factors need to be considered when determining whether or not identified actions are within the domain of nursing practice? Be sure to cite current literature in your response.




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Grading Rubric and Hints for this Discussion Question


Class this question  is asking you how you determine if an action is within your scope of practice.  Do not confuse scope of practice (legal regulation) and the ANA’ s standards of nursing practice (minimum competencies).


This model from the ANA web site may help you conceptualize how we assess our scope of practice.  Discussion on the ANA web site and your own Board of Nursing site and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing  will also be useful in learning how to assess your scope of practice.


Grading Rubric


Discusses several ( at least three) factors that need to be considered when determining whether or not  actions are within the scope of nursing practice?  3 points


Discusses why these factors need to be considered 3 points


Prioritizes factors that need to be considered ( which factor do you check first? second?  third? )  3 points


Cites current literature in response (course lecture is not current literature) 3 points


APA and Writing 3 points


Writing free of grammatical and spelling errors


Correctly formatted in text citations (at least one)


Correctly formatted reference (contains all parts of the reference in the correct order,) {hiddenBy}