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In this week’s materials we look at Managers, Leaders, Motivation and Communications. One of the most renowned leaders in this field as related to psychology was Abraham Maslow.

First, visit the link below to understand a bit about Maslow, and specifically his theory on self-actualization.

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Maslow’s self-actualization is all about reaching your full potential. In the article “Five Self-Growth Questions” by William Cottringer, a related subject, personal growth is explored. Visit the link below and answer the questions that follow.


  1. What can you really control?
  2. How do you sabotage your own success?
  3. Why don’t you apply all the good things you learn and know?
  4. For whom, or what, are you doing all this? (“This” can be school work, or even your personal life.)
  5. What is the best that you are capable of regarding your full potential?