You are required to write a Brief Paper on one (1) Canadian Not-for-Profit Organizations of your choice.

The purpose of this Project is to review the rules associated with Accounting for Non- Profit Organizations (NPO’s).

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Research on Canadian NPO involved in Charitable/Not-for-Profit Activity and comment on how they undertake their Financial Reporting to the Public based on rules established by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA).

This Research Project will require you to utilize/use the Topics covered to date, in the Course- Introductory Financial Accounting. Specifically, you are expected to be familiar with Revenue Recognition criteria and with Financial Statement Preparation Principles and how the Financial Statements are produced and the Financial Statements Reporting Requirements for Organizations.You are required to write a Brief Paper on one (1) Canadian Not-for-Profit Organizations of your choice.

plz see the files i upload.

need a name of a canadian not-for profit organization by June 11th

  • For yourNPO/ Charity chosen, provide the following;
    • A Brief write- up/ explanation of what the Organization does…”.its Main Purpose of Being”. …(max. 1 page double-spaced)
    • A Brief Summary, in Point-form, of what the Organization is doing to generate it’s Cash (i.e. Sources) …and the reasons for its major areas of Spending (i.e. Uses) …..max.1 page double-spaced)
    • Comment on what you have learned about your Organization, and how you feel it is doing at fulfilling its Mission/Purpose, and raising both Funds and Awareness for its cause(s) in the Public domain. Explain the reasons for your conclusions.

the official paper is due in August 2th.

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